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Data on subnational trade competitiveness (see Robert A. Huber, Yannick Stiller, and Andreas Dür (2023). "Measuring Subnational Trade Competitiveness", Scientific Data.). Also check out our Shiny app at https://stcapp.shinyapps.io/STCApp/.

Replication data for Andreas Dür, Robert Huber, and Yannick Stiller (2023). "Trade Competitiveness, Constituency Interests, and Legislators’ Attitudes Towards Trade Agreements", Legislative Studies Quarterly.

Replication data for Andreas Dür and Gemma Mateo (2023). "Lobbying in the Face of Politicization: Interest Group Strategies in Trade Policy", Journal of European Public Policy.

Replication data for Andreas Dür and Lisa Lechner (2023). "Winners and Losers from Trade Agreements: Stock Market Reactions to TPP and TTIP", Politics and Governance 11(4).

Replication data for Andreas Dür, Robert A. Huber, Gemma Mateo, and Gabriele Spilker (2022). "Interest Group Preferences towards Trade Agreements: Institutional Design Matters", Interest Groups & Advocacy.

Replication data for Andreas Dür and Christoph Mödlhamer (2022). "Power and Innovative Capacity: Explaining Variation in Intellectual Property Rights Regulation across Trade Agreements", International Interactions 48(1).

Replication data for Markus Gastinger and Andreas Dür (2021). "Joint Bodies in the EU's International Agreements: Delegating Powers to the European Commission in EU External Relations", European Union Politics 22(4)..