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We are organizing a workshop on International Organizations Beyond IGOs at the University of Salzburg. This is a collaboration between the TRADEPOWER project and a Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant held by Markus Gastinger. The workshop programme can be found here.

August 2022: Several new TRADEPOWER publications

Yannick Stiller (2022). "Why Do Legislators Rebel on Trade Agreements? The Effect of Constituencies' Economic Interests", European Political Science Review. [access]

Andreas Dür and Markus Gastinger (2022). "Spinning a global web of EU external relations: how the EU establishes stronger joint bodies where they matter most", Journal of European Public Policy. [access]

Yannick Stiller, Andreas Dür, and Robert A. Huber (2022). "Education and Trade Attitudes: Revisiting the Role of Economic Interest", World Trade Review. [access]

Andreas Dür and Christoph Mödlhamer (2022). "Power and Innovative Capacity: Explaining Variation in Intellectual Property Rights Regulation across Trade Agreements", International Interactions 48(1). [access]

11 February 2022: Survey results

Key findings from our survey with parliamentarians worldwide (View Full Report)

Survey results

24 August 2020: 5 TRADEPOWER papers on the programme of this year's ECPR General Conference

We are presenting 5 papers at the ECPR General Conference 2020:

1. Andreas Dür & Markus Gastinger: Joint Bodies in Preferential Trade Agreements: Why are some stronger than others?

2. Andreas Dür, Robert Huber, Gemma Mateo & Gabriele Spilker: Institutional Design Matters: Explaining Interest Group Support for Trade Agreements

3. Markus Gastinger & Andreas Dür: Joint Bodies in International Agreements of the European Union: Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Delegation

4. Yannick Stiller: Bargaining Power in a Globalized World: The Effect of Global Value Chains in Trade Negotiations

5. Yannick Stiller, Andreas Dür & Robert Huber: Torn Over Trade: How Citizens Form Their Opinion Towards Trade Liberalization

Have a look at the Academic Programme for further details!


NOTE: Postponed due to COVID-restrictions! Andreas Dür (University of Salzburg) and Manfred Elsig (World Trade Institute, Bern) are organizing a workshop on The Design and Effects of Trade Agreements at the University of Salzburg. This collaboration between our TRADEPOWER project and the DESTA project welcomes a group of international scholars to present and discuss their work.

9 October 2019: Survey results

Trade Negotiation Survey: Our key findings from nearly 700 organizations worldwide (View Full Report)

Survey results

3 July 2018: Plus Report 2018

The project is introduced in our University's 'Plus Report 2018' (View pdf)


Conference Participation

We are presenting TRADEPOWER research at ECPR, APSA, and the PolText Conference.

PhD-Position: Call for Applications!

We are hiring a PhD Student. Application deadline is 15 April 2018.

See Call for Application.

23 August 2017: Mention in the Kronen Zeitung

The project was featured in the Kronen Zeitung, Austria's largest daily.

1 July 2017: Official start date of the project

The project will run from 1 July 2017 until 30 June 2022.

11 March 2017: Feature in the Salzburger Nachrichten

The project was featured in the Uni Nachrichten of the Salzburger Nachrichten.