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Journal articles:

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PhD theses:

Yannick Stiller (2022). "Who are the winners and losers of trade liberalization? Examining the Role of Trade Competitiveness in the Modern Politics of Trade", successfully defended on 14 November 2022. [access]

Christina Anderer (2021). "Why GVCs Matter: Exploring the complex interrelationships between Global Value Chains and Trade Policy", successfully defended on 25 November 2021. [access]


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Working papers:

Andreas Dür, Stefan Hee, and Robert A. Huber (2023). "A Fair Deal: Gains, Losses, and Individual Attitudes toward Trade Agreements"

Andreas Dür, Robert A. Huber, and Yannick Stiller (2023). "It's Trade, Stupid! How Changes in Subnational Trade Competitiveness Matter for Incumbents' Vote Shares"

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